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A Growing Movement

We are not alone. Boost Social Security Now is not just about one organization lobbying for change. It’s about members of Congress, advocacy groups, members of the press and grassroots activists who are all working to change the viewpoint of our nation’s leaders. Here are some of The National Committee’s  allies and friends who are also working to redirect Washington’s perspective from cutting benefits to expanding them:  

"Social Security is America's insurance program. In fact, it's the insurance you have paid for. Social Security lifts Americans, including children, out of poverty and boosts our economy as a whole. This is a system we can count on, and by taking common-sense, gradual steps, we can ensure that Social Security benefits keep up with the needs of current and future generations." Rep. John Larson

"Today, Social Security is more important than ever. Over half of workers between the ages of 55-64 have no retirement savings. More than a third of senior citizens depend on Social Security for virtually all of their income. One out of every five senior citizens is trying to scrape by on an average income of just $8,300 a year. 

Given these facts, our job cannot be to cut Social Security. Our job must be to expand it so that every American can retire with dignity and respect." Senator Bernie Sanders campaign statement

Expanding Social Security“America’s overall retirement system is in big trouble. There’s just one part of that system that’s working well: Social Security. And this suggests that we should make that program stronger, not weaker.”  Noble Prize Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman

Senator Warren's Senate Floor Speech on Retirement Security. Senator Warren talks about the crisis facing millions of American retirees and their families, the vital role Social Security plays in keeping seniors economically secure and the need to strengthen the program. Watch the video

Momentum Building for Expanding Social Security Benefits“It’s time to reshape the debate around Social Security. For too long Democrats have been playing defense, working to protect Social Security benefits from cuts when really we need to EXPAND Social Security benefits. Now a growing number of voices are calling for Social Security expansion — and they’re beginning to turn the conversation.” Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Congresswoman Gwen Moore

“There is broad agreement that we need to take steps to improve the fiscal outlook for Social Security. However, in addition to extending the solvency of the system, we must improve it so it works better for vulnerable populations, including women, people of color, and low-income people. My legislation would enhance benefits and help us ensure that Social Security does what it was intended to do – ensure that all Americans are not at risk of living in poverty.” 

Social Security should be expanded, not cut “Social Security is still the best retirement program we have. Benefits should be increased, paid for by raising or eliminating the payroll tax cap.” Los Angeles Times Business Columnist, Michael Hiltzik

Expanding Social Security Benefits for Financially Vulnerable Populations “Social Security benefits are especially important to populations that experience greater economic insecurity as they age — particularly women, people of color, and same-sex couples. This paper outlines five key policy changes that would help to build upon our Social Security system and help to make sure that it functions even better for women, same sex spouses, and low-income people.” The National Council of Women's Organizations and the Center for Community Change 

Breaking the Social Security Glass Ceiling: A Proposal to Modernize Benefits “There is a consensus that changes are necessary to close Social Security’s modest funding gap, and there are a number of options, all within the traditional framework of Social Security, that are available to policy makers to strengthen Social Security. Our recommendations include: improving survivor benefits, providing Social Security credits for caregivers, enhancing the special Minimum Benefit, equalizing rules for disabled widows, restoring student benefits for children of disabled or deceased workers up to age 22 and improving the basic benefit of all current and future beneficiaries.” The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) and the National Organization for Women (NOW)

Social Security and the Changing Economic Role of Women “We need to improve Social Security. Strengthen Social Security and increase benefits for women, not cut back on Social Security just as economic insecurity is increasing.”   Heidi Hartmann, Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) President

Local Leaders Sign Boost Proclamation

From city and county councils to state legislatures, political leaders are being asked to add their signature to a Proclamation urging Congress to support legislation which would increase Social Security benefits by about $70 per month. Following is the growing list of elected officials and community leaders urging Congress to strengthen the economic security of America’s workers, retirees and their families by boosting Social Security:

Elected Officials

Congressman John Garamendi, CA-3  
Rep. John Larson, CT 
Dwight Bullard, State Senator, District 39
Mark Pafford, FL State Representative, District  86 (Signed Tribute)
Carl Shechter, District 1 Commissioner, Pembroke Pines
Elgie R. Sims, Jr., State Representative, District 34
Douglas Born, President, Southern Maine Labor Council 
Brian D. Bolduc, ME State Representative, District 69 
Emily Cain, ME State Senator, District 30 
Margaret M. Craven, ME State Senator, District 16 
Richard R. Farnsworth, ME State Representative, District 117 
Drew Gattine, ME State Representative, District 126 
Paul Gilbert, ME State Represenative, District 87 
Christopher Johnson, ME State Senator, District 20 
Colleen Lachowicz, ME State Senator, District 25 
Nate Libby, ME State Representative, District 73 
Jeff M. McCabe, ME State Representative, District 85, Assistant Majority Leader 
Wayne Poland, Secretary Treasurer, Southern Maine Labor Council
Deane Rykerson, ME State Representative, District 151
R. Wayne Werts, ME State Representative, District 70
Hans Riemer, Montgomery County Council Councilmember 
Rep. Mike Capuano, MA 7
Rep. Kathryn Clark, MA 
Cambridge City Council 
Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council 
Rep. Dina Titus, NV 
New Hampshire
James Aguiar, NH State Representative, District 07
Caroletta Alicea, NH State Representative, District 08 
E. Elaine Andrews-Ahearn, NH State Representative, District 37 
Susan Almy, NH State Representative, District 13 
Richard Ames, NH State Representative, District 09 
Robert Backus, NH State Representative, District 19 
Christy D. Bartlett, NH House of Representatives, Concord
Steven Briden, NH State Representative, District 18 
Scott Burns, NH State Representative, District 02 
Lorrie Carey, NH State Representative, District 26 
Cynthia Chase, NH State Representative, District 08 
Jacalyn Cilley, Former NH State Senator 
Robert Cushing, NH State Representative, District 21 
Jennifer Daler, Former NH State Representative 
Martha Fuller Clark, NH State Senator, District 21 
Lisa DiMartino (d) Belknap, NH State Representative, District 02
George Dzujna, City Councilor, Ward 1, Franklin, NH 
Eileen Flockhart, NH State Representative, District 18 
Susan Ford, NH State Representative, District 03 
Barbara French, NH State Representative, District 06 
Sylvia Gale, State Representative, District 28
Margaret Gilmour, NH State Senator, District 12 
Bill Hatch, NH State Representative, District 06 
Ruth Heden, NH State Representative, District 23 
Paul Henle, NH State Representative, District 12 
Patricia Higgins, NH State Representative, District 12 
Timothy Horrigan, State Representative, District 06 
Andrew Hosmer, State Senator, District 07
Martin Jack, NH State Representative, District 36 
Sally Kelly, State Representative, District 20 
Sylvia Larsen, State Senator, District 15 Senate Minority Leader
Betty Lasky, NH State Senator, District 13 
Douglas Ley, NH State Representative, District 09 
James MacKay, NH State Representative, District 14 
Mariellen MacKay, NH State Representative, District 30 
Latha Mangipudi, NH State Representative, District 35 
Jon Manley, NH State Representative, District 03 
John Mann, NH State Representative, District 02 
Richard McNamara, NH State Representative, District 38 
Barbara Miller, Peterborough Select Board 
Marcia Moody, NH State Representative, District 17 
Wayne Moynihan, NH State Representative, District 02 
Terie Norelli, Speaker of the House, NH State Representative, District 26 
Chris Pappas, Executive Council 
Henry Parkhurst, NH State Representative, District 13 
Robert Perry, State Representative, District 3
Sara Persechino, Town of Hopkinton Select Board 
David Pierce, NH State Senator, District 05 
Marjorie Porter, NH State Representative, District 01 
Ian Raymond, NH State Representative, District 04 
Timothy Robertson, State Representative, District 6
Katherine Rogers, NH State Representative, District 28 
Janice Schmidt, NH State Representative, District 28 
Gil Shattuck, NH State Representative, District 01 
Dianne Schuett, NH State Representative, District 20 
Diane Sheehan, Alderman-at-Large
Marjorie Shepardson, NH State Representative, District 10 
Steve Shurtleff, NH State Representative, District 11, NH House Majority Leader 
Suzanne Smith, NH State Representative, District 08 
Donna Soucy, NH State Senator, District 18 
Steve Spratt, State Representative, District 4 House Majority Leader
George Sykes, NH State Representative, District 13 
Linda Tanner, NH State Representative, District 09 
Elizabeth Thomas, Peterborough Select Board 
Mary Till, NH State Representative, District 06
Janet Wall, NH State Representative, District 06 
Jerry Ward, NH State Representative, District 28 
Tyler Ward, Peterborough Select Board 
Leigh Webb, State Representative, District 3 
Charles Weed, NH State Representative, District 16 
Lisa Whittemore, NH State Representative, District 05 
Kermit Williams, NH State Representative, District 04 
David Woodbury, NH State Representative, District 05 
New Mexico
Manu Rain Bird, Tribal Council Member, Santa Ana Pueblo 
George M. Montoya, Governor, Tribal Council of the Pueblo of Santa Ana 
Jerry Ortiz y Pino, State Senator, District 12
Ken Sanchez, President of City Council of Albuquerque

North Carolina
Fred Foster, Jr., Durham Board of County Commissioners
Brenda A. Howerton, Vice-Chairman,  Durham Board of County Commissioners
Wendy Jacobs, Durham Board of County Commissioners
Michael D. Page, Chairman, Durham Board of County Commissioners
Ellen W. Reckhow, Durham Board of County Commissioners
John Carlisle, President, Etna Township Trustee 
Linda Childs Jeter, Lincoln Heights City Councilwoman 
J. Bernie Quilter, Lucas County Clerk of Court of Common Pleas 
Gwen McFarlin, Springfield Township Trustee 
Michael Sheehy, OH State Representative, District 46 
Cecil Thomas, Former Cincinnati City Councilman 
Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton OH
Alice Emmons, Vermont - Windsor 3-2, State Representative  
Cynthia Martin, Vermont - Windsor 3-2, State Representative
Stephen J. Matush - Vermont - Justice of the Peace  
Don Beyer, Former Lt. Governor of Virginia
Senator Adam P. Ebbin, District 30 of Virginia 
Delegate Patrick Hope, 47th District of Virginia 

Community Leaders

Daniella Levine Cava, Founder and CEO of Catalyst Miami 
Dave Koller, Founder & CEO of Developmental Service Trainers
Audria Huntington, President, IL Silver Haired Congress 
New Hampshire
Christine Dzujna, Former President of Franklin NH chapter of Business and Professional Women
Janice Kelble, Legislative & Political Director, American Postal Workers Union 
Gene Porter, Husband of Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter
 NH Democratic Party, Delegates voted to accept the Proclamation
John Carlisle, President, Etna Township Trustee 
Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor 
Mark Levine, TV/Radio Pundit, "The Inside Scoop" 


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